Skin details =SF= SonicFreak Green Hill Zone Skin! WARNING: DO NOT PLAGER

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=SF= SonicFreak Green Hill Zone Skin! WARNING: DO NOT PLAGER
Created on 2009-08-25 by SonicFreak!

Version :
Phpbb 2
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Category :
Video games
Description :
Original Forum- This Skin was created by SonicFreak (Kensley Strong) forum founder of =SF= SonicFreak Forums. These skins are uploaded for storage to save our skins and is our current forum themes. WARNING: IF YOU WILL DOWNLOAD DO NOT CLAIM SKIN GRAPHICS YOUR OWN AS IT IS CONSIDERED STEALING!PROPER CREDITS GOES TO =SF= SONICFREAK FORUMS AND IT'S RIGHTFULL OWNER! VIOLATERS WILL HAVE THEIR FORUM REPORTED AND SHUT DOWN FOR COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT!!! Hard work was put into to skin with these custom graphics and banners, so don't make a copy/clone of =SF= SonicFreak Forums! Copy our forum and it would be a violation of this skin as original author! And forumotion staff will enforce. Please, don't steal or take credit. Copyright 2009
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